Immo-Block approach is radically simple.

Sky-rocketing your
net worth using
Blockchain technology.

Immo-Block is a real estate investor, developer and asset manager.

The company is also a local pioneer in utilizing Blockchain technology to create new innovative digital investment products for the tokenization of the real estate sector.

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About Immo-Block

With us expensive becomes accesible,
100% secure & efficient.

You can buy slices of properties and enjoy the financial benefits, letting our team managing the rest.

The first pillar of our business is to provide access to the Romanian's premier real estate in a digital way.

The second pillar is to extend our portfolio and going international, this way investors will diversify their portfolio and benefits.

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Is Time to Build & Diversify your Real Estate Portfolio Locally & Globally.

A key factor for building a solid investment portfolio is diversification. That’s where real estate comes in. Due to its low correlation to stocks and bonds, the inclusion of real estate to a multi-asset portfolio is designed to reduce volatility and enhance returns.That is why many professional investment managers suggest a portfolio allocation of 10% or more to residential and commercial real estate investments.

Decrease Your Risk,
Increase Your Earnings

Immo-Block makes real estate investing accessible and affordable for individuals and families.
Our blockchain-based real estate investment platform enables people to directly invest in attractive investment properties at a fraction of the total prices.

Easy And Affordable,

Immo-Block is doing all the hard work so you just focus on your life.
Our team and our pool of investors analyze hundreds of properties to be listed on the platform and only the most attractive investments will be purchased. We take care of the entire process. In less than 48 hours you can register, be verified, browse, invest and start earning.

Why invest?

Our solution for fractional digital investments is secure and transparent.

Our digital market is the place where expensive becomes accessible.

Immo-Block will make real estate investing more affordable, fast and easy. Using our blockchain-based solution, you will always receive clear and transparent information.

Become an Immo-Block member in minutes and you'll have exclusive access to our curated residential and commercial real estate investments.
In addition, you'll benefit from:

Market overview

Explore our digital market. We provide data analysis to help you determine which locations meet your investing objectives.

Property Analysis

Review valuation reports, take a 3-D tour, see estimated returns based on your financial criteria, and more.

100% Online

Browse and manage from the comfort of your home, using a laptop, tablet or your smartphone.

Vetted Partners

We use top providers for property services and insurance.

Why invest?

How Immo-Block works:

Access Real Estate investment quickly, easily and safely.
Start with as little as €1.000.


Create your account & complete our KYC (Know Your Customer) process

Security and compliance on the platform are a top priority for us. This is why all new users are asked to pass our KYC screening before investing.

Create your account in just a few clicks. Submit the required information and documents to pass our KYC screening.Our team will let you know once your profile is checked – this may take up to a 2 working days.

Create a wallet and unlock Immo-Block’s investment features.


Complete your investment via bank transfer or different cryptocurrencies.

Immo-Block Tokens (IBT) legally represent shares on our growing real estate portfolio. Holding them means you are a legal owner of a 'slice' of real estate.

• Select how much capital you wish to invest, starting at €1.000.
• Complete your investment by a secured bank (FIAT), BTC, ETH transfer
• Purchase 'slices' of real estate legally represented by Immo-Block Tokens (IBT).
• Congratulations, you are officially a property owner!


Hold your Immo-Block Tokens (IBT) and watch your investment grow over time

Watch the value of your investment grow with one of Europe's fastest growing real estate markets.
Our portfolio gets valued by an independent 3rd party every 6 months.
Watch your investment grow in value over time.
The value of your holdings will be updated in your account after each independent 3rd party valuation conducted every 6 months.
Take advantage of a strong and resilient market showing consistent year-on-year growth.

Your investment is 100% secured.


Gradually continue investing or sell your ownership directly through the platform

Immo-Block brings unprecedented accessibility to the real estate market, allowing you to buy your ownership in just a few clicks directly through your dashboard.

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Join Immo-Block today.

In present times, investments in knowledge and technology
will actually pay the best dividends.

We provide you
two alternatives: 

Become an Investor

and sign up up now for the most accessible, flexible and safe way to invest in real estate, using our digital platform.
Start investing with Immo-Block

Become a Partner

in the company that develops the solution and ensures the management of the blockchain-based real estate investment platform.
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